Our response to those frequently asked questions about CoVerse.

  1. What is CoVerse?

    CoVerse is a place for people to ask and give advice on a topic of their interest. Conversations are always between two people, and each question can be asked anonymously if desired. CoVerse connects people together based on interest and availability, so your questions can be answered as soon and as accurately as possible.
  2. How does CoVerse work?

    When a question is asked, that question is forwarded out to select individuals (determined by CoVerse to be the best suitors), these individuals can decide to answer or decline the question. If question is declined, or if these users do not respond within a certain time interval, then this question is forwarded out again to the next set of individuals. This system guarantees that you'll receive a response. To ensure a fast response, we also add this question to the "bank" of all suitable responders so each of them can manually choose to answer if they wish. In summary, when you ask a question, we'll try to get you a quality response as soon as possible.
  3. How do I register/login?

    Registering on the Android or iOS app is easy. Simply pick a Username that hasn't been taken and you'll be able to register it. Please consider adding password under Settings to protect your account once you're registered. If you removed the app and needs to login, just try to register the same username will prompt you to enter that account's password. If you don't remember your password, just send an email to support@coverse.co to have your password reset.
  4. Can I filter who can answer my question?

    Yes! Filtering is now available! You can narrow down your initial audience based on gender and age group. Remember other users can still response if they use the "Get a Question" button, so do take into account that you might not always get responses based on the filter you set. The "Nearby" view under "Socialize" can be used as well if you wish to get a question answered by someone at a specific location.
  5. How to get multiple opinions and can I ask the same question again?

    By default, you can and likely will get multiple responses for every question you ask. CoVerse guarantees you will be helped by one person if the question asked does not violate our Terms, but you'll likely be helped by multiple people depending on their availability. Because of this default ability to get multiple responses, please do not ask the same question multiple times, this is considered spam and by doing so, the user will likely receive a warning from CoVerse.
  6. How's the decision process made by CoVerse?

    The decision process of who to direct the questions to and what questions to give a user is determined by a user's past actions and his/her Settings. The algorithm learns how helpful a user was in the past on questions in this topic and his/her current availability (determined by his/her Quiet Hour setting), and will direct the question accordingly. There are many other factors such as points, your About Me (if you enter any), and many others that determine who to direct this question to. The algorithm is ever evolving since we are constantly tweaking it to make it better. In summary, the brain behind CoVerse tries its best to get your question answered as quickly and as accurately as possible.
  7. What is the Standard of Quality for a question?

    Questions ideally should not be vague such as "I need help". It would be easier for others to help if questions are more descriptive such as "I need help on staying focused". Also questions must comply with our Terms, especially not to use the service to "harass, abuse, insult, harm, defame, slander, disparage, intimidate" others. Questions will be removed and the user will be warned if their question violates our Terms of Service.
  8. What are Daily Ponders?

    Interesting questions from around the web. Ask it to subscribe to this topic and get notified when someone replies, or answer it to give your opinion on this topic. Everything is anonymous as usual. If the asker replies to your answer, then you'll be able to continue the conversation from there.
  9. What is Nearby?

    Using Nearby, you'll find users on a map that are available for a chat. Ask him/her a question to be directly connected. Conversations are anonymous, and you can decide if you wish to appear on the map for others to contact you with or not.
  10. What are Points?

    You earn points in CoVerse by communicating with others and helping them. You'll receive 25 points if the original question asker decide to thank you using the "Thumbs up" feature. As you gain more points, your rank will change. Currently the points needed for a specific rank are 300, 500, 750, 1000, and more. There are currently 9 ranks in total.
  11. What are Achievements?

    You earn achievements for doing specific activities within the app. Examples include: Adding friends, asking questions, giving and receiving "thumbs up", and being the first to answer an unsolved question.
  12. What is an anonymous friend message?

    Similar to anonymously asking the world a question, you can "anonymously" ask one of your friends that question by going to their profile. Your friend will only know this question came from one of their friends, but they won't know it's directly from you. Of course they can guess that it's you, so if you use the anonymous friend message feature to message a friend who only has one friend, then they would "know" this message came from you. You can check their profile to see how many friends they have first before sending them an anonymous message.
  13. Are you storing my information? Is my privacy and identify on CoVerse protected?

    We do not store any external data from your device such as your phone contacts, or any images or files you have outside of CoVerse. Every message you send using CoVerse is encrypted and every question you ask anonymously will allow you to remain anonymous even if your friends are answering that question. If you have an incoming pending friend request, that user will not be able to view your profile.
  14. I have a great idea for CoVerse, who should I talk to?

    Please contact us using the menu button above. If we like your idea, we will work with you to make it happen!