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The official news blog for CoVerse. Check here for server updates.

CoVerse v6.3 is Live!

Things look great on v6 :) The previous v6.1 & v6.2 updates were mainly bug fixes and speed improvements. CoVerse will now start about 300% faster than before. v6.3 update adds the ability to Backup & Restore messages. If you're moving to a new device and wish to transfer your messages over, now you can! Simply go to More->Settings->Backup to backup your data and then on the new device go to More->Settings->Restore to get those messages back. Enjoy!

CoVerse v6 is Live!

CoVerse v6 is Live! New Pulse tab that lets you express you mood and share your stories with others. Update also contains bug fixes and other improvements. Give it a try and let me know what you think! (Sorry for the wait. This update was a pain not only to develop for, but also to test since Android 9 Pie along with iOS 12.0/12.1 was recently released. Everything is good to go now. Support for iOS 10 is dropped, which means you have to be on iOS 11+ to get this update. Minimum requirement for Android is still at Android 5.0 Lollipop for now.)

Almost there

v6 release is taking longer than expected; mainly due to the new release of iOS 12 which introduced few bugs. I will of course fix those bugs and test against the soon to be released iOS 12.1 to make sure no new bugs appear. Sorry for the delay, expect the new update to be available soon :)

In Other News

Our other project Quorus has been updated to v4! It brings tons of new features and improvements. If you have a Spotify Premium account, this app is for you! We also made our Goalie app available for iOS! Track your goals and habits with friends! Definitely try out both apps and let me know what you think. CoVerse v6 is 50% done, my focus is coming back to CoVerse, so expect this big update to be available in about 2 weeks' time.

v5.6 Available now :)

Ok, v5.5 was supposed to be the last update on v5 but I found few annoying bugs I wanted to fix before introducing all the new features in v6. If I come across any new notable bugs, I'll push out an update again. Otherwise the next update will be v6!

v5.5 Coming in a few days

v5.5 is complete on Android, just give me few days to do the same on iOS and they'll both roll out shortly. This will be the last update on v5. This update contains lots of cool stuff! New stickers in conversations, new avatars for your profile, new layout for Discover, and lastly Discover chats can now be anonymous or non-anonymous. This update contains few bug fixes as well, so it's important to update your app as soon as possible. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Stay tuned for CoVerse v6 news!

v5.4 Available now!

v5.4 is available for both iOS & Android! This update adds a "Deanonymize" feature to allow you to send a deanonymize request to the other user when chatting with them anonymously. Once the request is accepted, both of you will be able to see each other's profile. (Your profile is hidden until the request is either accepted or dismissed). This update contains quite of bit of other smaller UI changes. Definitely give it a try and let me know what you think. I anticipate one more update on the version 5 branch, then it'll be brand new stuff in v6!

v5.3 Available now!

Brand new chat view for iOS! It looks pretty awesome if you ask me :) It has been tested and shouldn't be buggy, I'll monitor it and push out an update if needed. Android's chat view has also been updated a bit. v5.4 will become available to add some cool features.

v5.2 Available on iOS

v5.2 for iOS is rolling out now. Upcoming v5.3 update which will contain a new chat view will become available for iOS in about a week. The update for Android will follow shortly.

v5.2 Available on Android

Quite a few changes for Android in this change. Changes include many behind the scene bug fixes and improvements, and other noticeable UI changes. Some of these UI changes include Ponders displaying audience count numbers, new theme for all dialogs, and new sounds for few actions such as Thanks (Thumbs-Up). v5.2 for iOS will come in the upcoming days.

Updates Coming

Many behind the scene upgrades were made. Server should be faster and both Android & iOS app should run smoother as well. Expect an update to come out for iOS and Android about a weeks time.

v5.1 is live for Android & iOS

CoVerse v5.1 fixed many bugs and improved the UI. Lots of small bug fixes and design improvements, together they add up to make quite a bit of difference. Definitely update and let us know if you experience any issues.

Major update is here!

CoVerse v5 for iOS & Android is here! Brand new UI and a new Discover mode that lets you ask public questions or have private chats with a specific user without adding them as a friend. Update also contains bug fixes and speed improvements. Definitely give the new Discover mode a shot and let me know what you think!

v4.4 Available now

v4.4 introduced a new feature that'll allow you to get a list of recent users on CoVerse, so you can add them as friends if interested. This feature will be further expanded upon in the near future. This update also fixes few bugs and tidied things up for the next big update. The next update will be significant as it'll change the UI and add many new and cool features. Stay tuned for that!

v4.3 Available for iOS & Android

Happy New Year! v4.3 has been submitted and will be rolling out in the next few days. As discussed earlier, iOS dropped support for iOS 9 & Android dropped support for KitKat. So definitely update your phone if you're running on an older device. This update is significant for iOS as it provides better notification and iPad support. Aside from bug fixes and other improvements, the only new stuff is the ability to send images as first Ponder reply. This update also should be the last maintenance update, which means next version will have more cool new features!

New updated server!

Happy holidays everyone! Server has finished its first significant code and component update. I refactored the code and also updated lots of components. Only thing left to do would be to improve on few of the items that could be made more scalable. I will get to that soon.

Join our Quorus Community!

While you're waiting for the next CoVerse update, why not listen to some awesome music with friends and join our Quorus community!? We launched a major update on Quorus to v2. It contains many awesome new features and improvements. You can download Quorus for iOS and Android here!

v4.2 Available for iOS & Android

v4.2 fixes some inconsistencies with the previous update and it'll serve as the last update for iOS 9 & Android Kitkat. In order to support cool new features, CoVerse needs to target newer software devices. Stay tuned for the next update!

iOS update complete

CoVerse update for iOS is finally complete, it'll be available in the App Store in the next couple days. Code is completely refactored to match that of Android and fixed numerous bugs. Image attachment is working again, along with Quiet Hour and many other features. Few UI additions and performance improvements. CoVerse offically supports iOS 11 and iPhone X! Check it out! Time to refactor and do the same for the server. Server code definitely needs some work to improve performance and be more scalable. Hope to have that done soon. In the mean time, keep an eye out for small Android and iOS updates in the next few days.

Android update complete

I've been rolling out small updates for Android the past 2 weeks. This big v4.1 update completes Android's update cycle for now. It adds few UI changes and improves app performance and usability. Many bugs were fixed and the app should run very smoothly. The source code has been completely refactored and tested. This is done so that new features can quickly be added and won't cause any problems. I'll switch focus to iOS now, CoVerse on iOS definitely needs some work. Once iOS version gets updated to where Android is now, then new features will start coming I promise :)

New update for Android available

This update makes CoVerse run more smoothly on Android Oreo and added few awesome features. Instead of releasing tons of new stuff all at once for this version 4.0 milestone, I've decided to introduce these features over multiple updates. This means you should expect another update coming soon. Likewise for iOS.

Long time no see!

Sorry for being out of touch and not updating CoVerse as much as I would have liked! We have been busy learning and working on few interesting projects. If you would like to see what we have been working on, checkout our new Projects page! All the apps we make are of high quality just like CoVerse, so give it a try and let us know what you think. Now that iOS 11 and Android 8.0 Oreo has been released, I will be making consistent updates to CoVerse again. Stay tuned to see exciting new changes! I'll push out an update within a week to get the app to run smoothly on both new platforms (not that the app isn't running smoothly right now, but will be even more so ☺).

Server updated and hotfix for Android released

Found few annoying bugs that were introduced with the lastest update. I've decided to push out this update before version 4 to address these concerns. Server has also be tweaked and updated.

Last version 3 update (v3.8) for Android is available.

Exciting Nougat (7.1) update is here! This update adds Direct Reply feature to allow replying back directly from a notification. Another change is the addition of App Shortcuts, where you can long press and enter into a place in the app directly. One last big change is the added support for Image Keyboards, where you can use any keyboard that supports images directly in CoVerse. This will be the last update for both Android and iOS on version 3. Version 4 with new and exciting changes will start right away after I make some server changes. Stay tuned!

v3.7.5 for Android is available.

As promised, this UI update for CoVerse adds custom notification sounds, new conversation background images and colors. This update also optimized the previous big update, so the app should run more smoothly. Next update is coming soon and it'll include few new exciting Android Nougat (7.1) features.

Big update to Android is now available.

CoVerse for Android has been completely rewritten. Xamarin was used to create CoVerse initially, and it worked out well at the time, but due to few major drawbacks from using Xamarin, such as performance penalties and lack of support, CoVerse was rewritten from the beginning using Java and Android Studio. The end result is that the app is now roughly 400% smaller in size and 200% faster in performance. I updated few of the components along the way to make the app even more reliable and stable. Definitely check it out! Next Android update will come soon to add some new visual changes. Stay tuned!

v3.8 (final update on 3.x.x) for iOS has been submitted!

This update contains minor updates and enhancements. Filter animation is now more smooth, and chat bubble width bug has been fixed. This update corrects previous two update mistakes where the app's storage size accidentally became 300% larger, and the mistake where CoVerse accidentally dropped support for some devices. This error has been fixed, so now the app is available for all devices running iOS 8.1 or above and the app size has been significantly reduced.

v3.7 for iOS is now available!

Numerous new iOS 10 feature additions in this update! CoVerse now has a new Widget, supports 3D Touch shortcuts on the app icon and push notifications, and a richer notification experience. Asking a question using the default settings is now anonymous again. It looks like people prefer to stay anonymous so it naturally make sense to have this as a default setting. Conversation background supports images now. This update also contains many functionality improvements along with bug fixes. Definitely don't skip out on this one!

v3.6 for Android is now available!

CoVerse on Android has been updated to run on Nougat (7.0). This was a big pain trying to make this happen. Apparently Nougat changed many internals and one of the biggest components I was using no longer works, so this was the reason why it took so long to get this update out. Looks like things are running smoothly on Nougat. There will be a follow-up update coming soon to make your experience better.

v3.6 for iOS is now available!

CoVerse now supports iPad! It looks awesome on the iPad if you ask me :) Color and layout design has been improved. Now everything in the app should have a consistent look, even the alert dialogs. Conversation background can now be changed to a different color.

v3.5.3 for iOS is now available!

This update for CoVerse addresses a critical bug that could prevent you from losing your account. Please update to this to prevent such incident. Other changes include password can now be reset, and photo caption is now easier to enter.

v3.5 for iOS is now available!

CoVerse has been updated to run smoothly on iOS 10. This update also contains a new Share extension, where you can share image/text directly to CoVerse using the built-in share feature. Register banner changed, certain views such as Settings are updated to rotate correctly.

User experience improvements coming.

Server has been updated and version 3.4.2 is available for iOS! The new update contains bug fixes and speed improvements. There should be one more minor update coming for iOS and Android to fix couple annoyances. Stay tuned!

v3.4 for iOS and Android is now available!

Version 3.4 adds minor improvements for both iOS and Android. Achievements were updated, Daily Ponder is now Weekly Ponder, profile image is now required if you wish to send out non-anonymous message, and also a few other bug fixes and improvements. Definitely check it out! Feature update for CoVerse is now complete. This is the last update for CoVerse on the version 3 path. Stay tuned for awesome cool stuff in version 4!

v3.3 for iOS and Android is now available!

Version 3.3 is finally here! This important update contains many awesome additions, so definitely don't skip out on this update. In this new update, the app receives a new layout along with a new color scheme. New features include: allowing you to show off your profile when you ask or answer a question; new question indicator that tells you if there's a new question available; photos in Socialize is saved externally automatically; and many bug fixes to help improve the app's performance. Try it out and let me know what you think! v3.4 is going to be a small update to fix couple inconsistencies and should be available in a week.

v3.2 for iOS and Android is now available!

Version 3.2 which contains filtering (gender & age group) is now available for both iOS and Android! With this update, you'll be able to narrow down your audience with your questions, be sure to also include your gender and age in the Me view. This update was intended to be the "final" update for CoVerse's beta path, but instead, I've decided I want to add a few new things, which means there's another update v3.3 that'll be coming soon with cool UI changes. Stay tuned for that!

Server algorithm updated

Couple behind the scene items were updated. The selection algorithm changed a bit to help with getting an answer faster. Also I implemented a check to prevent a user from spamming the server with "questions". Development work on the final update v3.2 for iOS and Android which will include filtering has started. After this update, the app will be complete and it'll transition out of public beta. More updates will come in the future of course, but this upcoming one is significant because it should make the app work the way I envisioned it from the beginning. No time table for when the update will be available yet, shouldn't be too far away.

V3.1 for iOS & Android is available now!

CoVerse v3.1 for iOS & Android are both available now for download. Check out the new "Nearby" and "AddressBook" view under Socialize tab. This update also contains bug fixes and other improvements. What do you think?

V3.1 for iOS is submitted!

CoVerse v3.1 for iOS has been submitted for review and will be available for download in about 2 days. New "Nearby" view allows you to ask someone at a specific location a question, which allows you to get a more targeted answer. The "AddressBook" view under "Friends" is also new. This allows you to invite contacts on your phone to join CoVerse. This update also contains two major bug fixes that would cause the app to crash, so definitely update to v3.1 when you get a chance. Play with the "Nearby" view and let me know what you think! Android v3.1 coming within a week.

V3.0 for iOS & Android is live now!

CoVerse v3.0 for iOS and Android is now available for downloading from the App/Play Store! Release date for CoVerse 3.0 on iOS got delayed a bit due to an unforeseen issue, but the Android version completed ahead of schedule, so this evens out right? :) Try out the new Daily Ponder and let me know what you think! Behind the scene updates (server & website) will now begin, v3.1 will be available in likely a week to polish up designs and adds some minor improvements.

V3.0 for iOS is complete & submitted

Apologies for lack of update lately. I had to move from my current apartment and that took many days off from improving CoVerse. Nonetheless, I'm happy to announce that v3.0 for iOS has completed both development and testing and has been submitted to the AppStore for review! Since it's the weekends now, it should be available early next week. Android work has started and "should" be complete by end of next week. Try out the new Daily Ponder that's in the new update and let me know what you think!

Server tweaks completed. V2.4 for iOS & Android released

Algorithm is tweaked again to give users a faster response time. Version 2.4 for iOS & Android has been released as well. The update contains bug fixes and also new images and achievements. We decided to leave out the filtering option for now because we have something cool planned for the next big update, and we wanted to concentrate on that feature instead. Can't wait for you all to try out the next big update, stay tuned :)

Algorithm Tweaked

Algorithm for CoVerse has been tweaked. We noticed some of the "bad" questions are effecting many users, so the algorithm has been tweaked in a way that it'll try to isolate those "bad" questions from "good" people. You'll not notice much difference, but we've put in measurements to make sure you won't get the questions you're not interested in. More behind the scene stuff coming.

Website Updated

Website has been updated to make it look more modern. Next few updates will be behind the scene stuff to make the service better.

V2.3 Update Available For Android & iOS

V2.3 for Android & iOS is available now. This new update fixes all known bugs on both platforms. New icons added for sent & received messages and added new achievements. Server is being upgraded and should complete in the next few days. Next update will include new features such as filtering or location. Stay tuned!

V2.2 Update Available For Android & iOS

V2.2 for Android & iOS is available starting today. This new update allows you to register the account you're using so you can move between devices. Be sure to set up a password if you haven't. The other new stuff is the ability to login & share your CoVerse profile on Facebook. Logo received a small refresh and lastly this update contains many small feature enhancements. Give it a go and let us know what you think!

Android V2.1.5 Update Available

V2.1.5 for Android fixes few UI inconsistencies and minor bugs. Website has also been updated with new images from both iOS and Android.

CoVerse 2.1 iOS Released Early

Instead of this update being available in one week, I had to request for an expedited review from Apple because we introduced a critical bug on 2.0 where Friends table index is off by one, which means you might incorrectly send the message to a wrong friend. Other minor bug fixes and UI changes are also included. Now the focus shifts to the web or behind the scene stuff to make the service better.

CoVerse 2.0 iOS Released!

CoVerse 2.0 update for iOS is finally available! It has all the implementations from Android and I think you'll enjoy some of the cool UI touches on iOS. v2.1 for iOS will be available in about a week to fix very minor issues. Stay tuned.

CoVerse 2.1 Android Released!

v2.1 for Android fixes minor bugs and UI glitches on the new layout. Achievements updated and Snooze options added under Settings. There are many behind the scene stuff added mainly to support future releases, so you won't likely see too many physical changes in this version. This is an important update nonetheless, so please update once you get the chance. iOS implementation for v2 will officially begin in the next day or two.

CoVerse 2.0 Android is Now Available!

If you were following us on twitter, then you know we've been working very hard on the new changes, and now I'm happy to announce those changes are ready! CoVerse 2.0 is now available for everyone on Android. MANY changes include a brand new design and layout, new categories feature and other helpful setting options like Quiet Hours are here. Version 2.0.5 or 2.1 will likely follow within a week to add small new changes. iOS version will be on v1.4 until we finish all tooling for Android. Sorry for the inconvenience and we will update you very soon!

V1.4 Available Now.

v1.4 update is now available for both iOS and Android! The new version gives you 12 hours to answer any question previously directed to you. The other new feature is that you can now request for a question without waiting for the server to pick you. iOS received a major UI update while Android received a nice refresh. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Minor Website Redesign and V1.4 Ready For Release.

Website went through a small redesign to remove excessive white space. Color of the banner also changed to reflect what you would see in either iOS/Android app. v1.4 update is now ready and will be released when build is approved. The new version gives you 12 hours to answer while the backend still redirects your question every 15 minutes. Also new in this build is you can now request for a question as compare to waiting for the server to send you one. The last major change is that iOS received a major UI update (Android also got a minor UI update)! Check it out and let us know what you think.

Selection Algorithm Updated. V1.4 Coming Soon.

Selection algorithm for anonymous world question has been tweaked and rolled out. Now it will put more emphasis on users that are active. The reason for that is because when a user is more active, the more likely he/she will reply to your discussion. The upcoming v1.4 update will include a new feature that will allow you to immediately receive an active question so you can help the person immediately as compared to having to wait for the algorithm to choose you. UI update for iOS will be minor to give us more time to implement the new features.

Android & iOS V1.3.7 Update Rolled Out!

This update allows for Image as world anonymous question. iOS received numerous bug fixes and enhancements. You must update to v1.3.7 on Android and iOS in order to continue sending images since the implementation has changed. Give it a go and let us know what you think. Next update will include better iOS UI and backend selection algorithm changes.

Android V1.3.5 Update Rolled Out!

This minor but useful update has been rolled out to Android devices. It makes the default number of recipient of your anonymous world question three as compare to one. You can specific any number from 1-3. We limited to three for now to test how the server responds. This will undoubtedly speed up response time since you're no longer just waiting for any one person. Same logic applies that you will ALWAYS get three responses back now instead of just one. Test it out and let us know how it goes! Next update will include "Image as First Anonymous Question".

Update is Here!

First major update v1.3 for iOS and Android has been released! Both versions will now support images. Android received a big UI update while iOS received numerous utility improvements. Filtering has been implemented in the backend and we decided we will not include it on the app for this release. "Multiple Recipient" and "Image as First Anonymous Question" will be implemented very soon! It won't take too long for this upcoming update I promised!