The World is Your Audience

Ask and give opinions on a topic of your interest

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Real Live Feedback

Ask a question and the app will find someone who's interested in that topic to respond to your inquiries.

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Location Specific Answers

Connect with people from all around the world. If you need help at a specific location, try asking others in that area!

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Share Your Knowledge

Offer your advice to others to earn achievements and reputation points!

You will always receive a response

We guarantee it

CoVerse's algorithm will filter and find the individuals, whom are most likely to answer and provide the most useful response for you! 99% of our discussions are answered within minutes; come check it out for yourself!

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Get involved

With friends, or others around you

Help answer questions in your area or ask others around the world what's going on at their location. You can add friends on CoVerse to communicate with them directly or anonymously. Have a little fun by messaging your friends anonymously!

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Offer opinions at your own time

Share your knowledge on what you care about

Instead of waiting for CoVerse to send you a question, you can control the time and the category of the questions you would like to give opinions on. Simply pick a topic and hit the "Get a Question" button, and you'll be connected with someone who needs your help!

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